On the first day of middle school, my mother gave me a clear glass bottle of cosmetic as a gift.
She said a woman’s true beauty arises from brilliant clear skin, not from overly thick makeup; so take daily care of it from now on.

Since then, I've been putting on sun-cream every time I step outside and putting on moisturizing creams every day and night. Not to mention putting those massage creams on alongside my mother once or twice a week.

Habits are powerful and amazing.
The daily habits to preserve the beauty nurtured by my mother is why I continuously use makeup every day.
The beauty expressed by overly thick makeup is not the true beauty.
True beauty made with brilliant. clear, healthy skin is what females can obtain.
There are countless rows of makeup in this world.
Amongst the countless rows of makeup, it is now the time to turn to nature-friendly, non-toxic makeup that is right for you.
At SOYOU Cosmetic, we have captured the beauty of nature in its products.

Within the last 10 years of studying cosmetics, I have engraved these thoughts.
“Need to produce makeup that is not full of lies”
“Need to produce makeup that can be used by everybody”
“Need to produce makeup that is not trend-setting but habit-making”
It is SO YOU because it's just all about you and all for you.

We will not produce cosmetics that ends up unused and going straight to the trash.
We will make products that will make your habits, whether you are young or old.

Emily Lee,
Co-Founder of SOYOU Cosmetics, “Just for you” company.