Company Information

New York Headquarters: 36-23 164th Street, suite 200, Flushing, New York 11358

New Jersey Operations division: 700 Grand Avenue, suite 19, Ridgefield, New Jersey 07657

South Korean Manufacturing Plant: Gyunggido Sungnamsi Jungwongu Sangdaewondong Central Enovelly 2nd Building



Product Development (Product development team and Design development team)

Developing fragrance, ingredients and new texture products.

Researching quarterly, seasonally, trending designs. Marketing support sourcing team.



Product Production (Production Team)

SOYOU COSMETICS-owned manufacturing plant (Sung Nam plant #1)

operations and OEM/ODM manufacturing operations.

In possession of five 5-Step mask pack manufacturing/printing machines, bonding (presser) machine, and 3-line basic care cream and gel type operations.